COUNTESS ABLAZE, a fellow indie hand dyer from Manchester recently made this nasty experience:

In March 2018, after receiving a misogynistic email calling my client base "middle age women happy to be served shit tea and  cheap tray bake" (paraphrasing) and asking for a ton of free yarn and my time to the tune of over a grand and masquerading their proposal as a charity event, I turned this on it's head and used my anger for good. We dyed two colourways - Shit Tea and Tray Bake and If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out. 

It´s been a BIG success, she sold over 1000 skeins and by spending 3£ per skein to Woman`s Aid she raised over 3000£ and donated it!! Well done!!

I do share her anger 100% and am happy to announce, that she took ACTION again and invited fellow indie dyers and designers to unite and to do our own CHARITY. Sure, I´m joining her!!

Have a look here to see who else is involved.

All colour ways or designs are called: "IF I WANT EXPOSURE, I´LL GET MY TITS OUT......"

Mine is called: "IF I WANT EXPOSURE, I´LL GET MY TITS OUT GENTLY" - You know me, I´m the gently type, colour wise :) 

From the 1st of July until the 1st of August  3,50€ of each skein you order from my shop of this so called colour way will be donated to ONE DOLLAR GLASSES / EIN DOLLAR BRILLE . That means by buying one skein, you will bring a clear sight to more than 3 people who so urgently need a pair of glasses and can´t afford to buy one themselves. I´ve followed up this charity for quite a while now and adore what even one inspired person was and is able to achieve. This project has become bigger and bigger all over the world. The sustainable way of developing it has not just brought sight, but also work, independence and a bit of justice to many people.


It´s a beautiful tender half grace/porcelain half plum blossom dye, speckled with a striking scarlett. Available in two fingering yarn bases: welthase merino light and a new luxurious cashmere merino yarn (which the members of the welthase SOFTIE YARN CLUB do already know).

welthase`s IF I WANT EXPOSURE, I`LL GET MY TITS OUT g e n t l y luxcash fingering


80% wool, merino sw, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon

100g - 400m / 437yds 

needle 3 - 4mm/ US 2-6

hand dyed * speckled

Hand wash cold. On the last 3 images you can see both charity yarn bases.


CHARITY YARN!!! 3,50€ of each skein will be donated to "One Dollar Glasses"

28,50 €

28,50 € / 100 g
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welthase`s IF I WANT EXPOSURE, I`LL GET MY TITS OUT g e n t l y ml fingering


100% wool, merino superwash, single, speckled

100g - 366m / 400yds 

needle 3 - 4mm/ US 2-6

hand dyed * speckled

 Hand wash cold. On the last 3 images you can see both charity yarn bases.


CHARITY YARN!!! 3,50€ of each skein will be donated to "One Dollar Glasses"

24,90 €

24,90 € / 100 g
  • 0,1 kg
  • in stock
  • up to 4 weeks

HERE comes some pesto ml to accomplish the recent tomato update....mmmh tasty!

As well as the promise DOTS BY THE SEA colour way on 50g bfl pearls to inspire you to inventive blue colour combinations....and it had to be the tender porcelain on ml fingering again to cherish the spring, and last but not least I dyed lemon for you again on angel lace.

This colour for a traditional Lace shawl has just IT !!! Enjoy!

Fresh out of my pots:

Some very pretty, energetic and in flesh so full of sparkle and beauty: tomato, coral and peachy tones.

On welthase bfl pashmina, the delicate baby alpaca cashmere lace, on single merino light as well as on angel lace - a must!

Enjoy the warm days!

NEW IN STOCK and NEW COLOURS...there are more to come very soon: bfl pearl 50g skeins, see below!

The first welthase MYSTERY KAL is starting now!


It´ll be the "Lucky Sun Shawl" is a  4 coloured very happy, perfectly balanced, mainly striped triangle shawl. 

It´s pure fun to look at...and to knit and wear.

With your purchase (click here) you will get the info sheet  so can take your time and think about yarn & colours. The MKAL-thread will take place in the welthase lovers group on ravelry. The actual start is Friday the 27th of April. Until then you´ll get a 20% discount (Couponcode: HAPPY START). I´ve dyed a wide range of the most beautiful colours on welthase bfl pearl - see PICK & KNIT - suiting the pattern. I will add some colour combination photos to help you choose your colours. You´ll find all the details you need in the INFO SHEET. Welcome!! I´m so thrilled to see your colours and to see your project growing!!

Clue 1will be sent to you on April the 27th and the following clues on the following Fridays!!

NEW in the DYE ON DEMAND section: The YAK bases!!! Please have a look at the YAK COLOURS at the COLOURS section to choose your favourite colour way. Enjoy!

PATTERN RELEASE: GOLDA DK, above you see  a version knitted with two strands of lace, colour way: blush, or Venice