WILLKOMMEN....WELCOME....to the welthase hand dyed yarns. My name is Miriam, I´m an educated artist based in Hamburg, Germany and do offer a wide range of beautiful hand dyed yarns,  patterns & designs, the organic welthase canvas bag and an increasing amount of KITs. 

From lace to ARAN - all yarn weights are listed. If you would like to have a DK or Aran yarn, please have a look at the DYE ON DEMAND section. Apart from the yarns I do have in stock, from now on I will only take on custom orders. I do offer the DYE ON DEMAND service for other yarn bases as well. Choose your favourite base let me know about the COLOUR you´ve chosen, and I´ll get started.

I do SHOP UPDATES on Fridays. Have a look at what´s new at new arrivals!

For a quick glance, all new dyed yarns are listed there, before they will be added to their categories one week later.

In case there´s nothing new: have a try the following week!

Shipping within Germany is free for an amount of 500g and more.


In my shop you´ll find a wide range of beautiful yarn bases,  hand dyed in small batches by myself.

I do care, where the yarns come from. No museling, no bad conditions for the farmers. My trader knows the farmers in person. I do trust him and his team. The yarns do come mainly from Britain and South America.

I´m dyeing with Ashford colours, water and vinegar. I do reuse the water after the dyeing process and finally neutralise it. The dyed yarns are washed and water steamed to fix the colours

Patterns & Designs

I love designing. For me it´s a synergy of an idea, colours, shape and engineering. Engineering? Yes! I´m always keen to create a good wearing comfort. The shape is meant to look and feel good. Not just for a photo but for the real wearing experience in daily life. That´s my way of showing respect to the yarns and the long knitting process. I want the borders to be flexible, the shape to hold, beautiful necklines and a pleasant knit.



Is your favourite colour on the yarn base you are aiming for not in stock? Would you like to order 4 or more skeins of a kind? Please have a look at the COLOUR section and make your choice!

You can choose any of my colours, which are mentioned  for the different yarn bases. I do have many of them in stock regularly. Please allow me 2-3 weeks to dye your yarn.

Send an inquiry to:  contact@welthase.de

You´re welcome!


I do offer an increasing amount of KITs.

When I´m designing, I do always have an idea about the yarn and I love to play around with different colour schemes. This leads sometimes to a KIT.

It´s so pleasant to have it all in one and to know, your project is tested and will look lovely in the end.

And why not put it all together into the cute welthase bag?

Please feel free to ask, in case your favourite colour is not in stock right now. I will try to do my best to stock it again soon or ask for a Dye on Demand.

welthase organic BAG

Here comes some fun! This bag with the cute printed welthase heart is made of a good heavy organic cotton and meant to last forever.

The comfortable size of this organic canvas bag with woven 60cm handholds, a generous 17cm bottom fold and the lovely detail of a wooden duffle coat button makes sure you can wear it on your shoulders and offers a sensible amount of space....for yarn, projects, whatever. 

Join the welthase community and let the others know what you like!


*** welthase GIFT VOUCHERS are now available!!! ***

For 25€ 50€ 75€ and 100€ ! Gift some lovely welthase yarn to someone you cherish.


*** welthase GESCHENKGUTSCHEINE ** ab sofort hier erhältlich! Über 25€ 50€ 75€ und 100€!

Schöne welthase Wolle verschenken...zum selber aussuchen, das ist doch wunderbar!


Das richtige für festliche Gelegenheiten!

Behind the scenes & where to buy

Are you up for some more background informations?

Click here and I lead you behind the scenes.

You would like to experience the yarn in flesh?

From time to time I open my doors or make appointments for interested folks. I am based in the inner city of Hamburg. You can write an email to: contact@welthase.de

and I´ll get back to you soon.

If you´re located more in the south of Germany you can find my yarns at:  Lanimawollshop.de

 L`Anima, Kellerstraße 35, 91315 Höchstadt