This cute pillow is a real eye catcher -perfect for cozy winter evenings and a wonderful present for Christmas or any other opportunities. 

The star on the front and the enchanting hole for the pillow at the back were inspired by a starfish and a sea urchin.
The design - as usual - shows my close relationship to the sea and Scandinavia.

The Starfish Pillow is worked in 4 steps.

It helps, if you are an experienced knitter, but don´t worry, it´s easy to follow.

This project is perfect for using yarn of your stash.
You can work it in as many colours as you like - I usually work with 4-5 colours. For the main colour you probably need 50g.

I suggest the needle size: 3,75mm or 4mm.
The size of the finished pillow varies due to your yarn, gauge and needle size between 35-40cm.

Suggested yarns: welthase sport, welthase sporty DK, welthase luxury DK


You can download the pattern here: Starfish Pillow.