PATTERN "Tea Time at Camden Passage"

This is a contemporarily, newly interpreted classic of a sporty, casual-urban sweater.

A sophisticated two coloured section with a nice detail at the raglan drives the attention to the top.

Looking more complicated than it actually is, it is a pleasure to knit.


Worked top down in one piece, you can always check your size and stay in control of a perfect personal fit.

Combining two textures, by creating a stretchy fabric at the top and a firmer stockinette body, the sweater suits every shape. It is meant to maintain a closer fit to the bust, the biggest part of the arm and the upper hip, and a looser look for the rest.

Even with a larger bust size the colour work will create a slim elegant look.

Do pay some attention when you pick your colours.


You will need a strong contrast and decide whether the dark or the light colour should be the main one.

Made for a lot of use, I do recommend my welthase BFL sporty DK.

The pattern offers two versions for the body shape, after dividing into sleeves and body: a closer and a slightly wider shape.


Sizes: S, M, L, XL  due to bust sizes: 80-88cm, 89-96cm, 97-104cm, 105-112cm waist: 64-72cm, 73-81cm, 82-90cm, 91-102cm

For sizes S-L you will need 3 skeins of welthase BFL sporty DK colourway night blue, for size XL 4 skeins, and all sizes will need 1 skein of the same yarn, colourway hazel.

You can download the pattern here: Tea Time at Camden Passage 

Thank you Ann-Katrin Ströh for your beautiful photos !!!!