BOMBUS cardigan


The BOMBUS cardigan is a vintage take on a classic bomber jacket with a fashionable texture and lovely colour details.

The BOMBUS KIT contains all you need to knit this lovely cardi except the pattern. 5 sizes are available in main colours. The other yarns for the colour details are matching each main colour perfectly.

Happy Knitting!

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The SIAM LOVE shawl is a classic. You can order the

SIAM LOVE KIT in different colour ways!


The beautiful picot edging is stretchy and soft. The special shape offers the opportunity to wear it the Danish way by binding it round the back and create a feminine neckline.

Easy to wear it as a shawl around your neck as well, this splendid shawl has a lot of potential to become your favourite piece.


The colour changes and the eyelet rows will keep you going throughout the project, since the real colour effect will only be revealed after you have finished your very last row.

There are many colour combinations to choose from.

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On Ravelry you can find some beautiful finished objects.

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mütze is for fun!

Knitted within a couple of hours holding the welthase organic aran double stranded it looks so cool.

The generous texture in combination with calm colours makes it feels quite danish. I´m very addicted to scandinavian design, since my fathers´family is closely connected to Denmark. I had plenty of memories of the sea, the splendid calm colours and forms and the open minded friendly people.

mütze is a one skein project. Click here to find the KITS.